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Front Matter is an integrated CMS editor Visual Studio Code

FrontMatter a CMS editor for VS Code (first look)

front matter dashboard

Front Matter is a CMS that runs within Visual Studio Code/GitPod/... It gives you the power and control of a full-blown CMS while also providing you the flexibility and speed of the static site generator of your choice. Jump right into editing and creating content with Front Matter and be able to preview it straight in VS Code.

I tried the latest version of Front Matter an integrated CMS editor for VSCode and compared to the earlier versions I have used, v8.2.0 is badass (has improved significantly). Once installed a welcome screen is displayed on you next restart that walks you through a simple 4 step setup process.

  • Initialize your project - setup the basics
  • Check your framework - loads presets for you static framework of choice
  • Register content folders - add folders for your content files
  • Load the dashboard if you choose - check if you want the dashboard loaded

From the dashboard you can create and manage

  • content
  • media
  • snippets
  • data
  • taxonomies

The sidebar allows you to manage your manage content properties

  • global settings
  • local preview
  • SEO status
  • keywords
  • actions
  • metadata
  • content configuration
  • view modified files

I'm still learning how all this works but I like what I'm seeing so far, I plan continue using it to create and manage content for this blog. Check out the Front Matter Website for more info


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