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Automate boilerplate code with Hygen--a simple, fast, and scalable code generator that lives in your project.

Automate boilerplate task/code with Hygen

While working on react components for a personal project I kept having to create the same files over and over. Why not automate the creation process, first thoughts were to go with plop.js but remembered that I had come across Hygen.js that seemed like and easier solution so I decided to give it a try.

I will detail the process when I find time (promise 🙂), for now I have added a gist(s) with my hygen scripts` below. Checkout the Hygen Quick Start

Install, setup hygen, scaffold a project in hygen

  • Install hygen globally npm i hygen -g or locally npm i hygen -D
  • Init in the project folder hygen init self
  • Create a generator hygen generator new react-components
  • Build the template (see gist below)
  • Use the generator hygen react-components new

Gist of my Hygen scripts for creating react components with story book stories

Thank you hope you find this post useful.

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